Obediance Training

Aurora Family Dog Training: Obediance Training

We offer complete obedience training for dogs of all ages. Obedience training is handled by our head trainer, Lori Holmberg. We can provide training in the privacy of your own home or in our training space and offices.

Lori has two decades of experience training dogs and focuses on positive reinforcement techniques to turn even the most rambunctious canine into an obedient and well-mannered dog. Lori can work on some of the following important commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Leave it

Additionally, Lori will work with your dog on some of the basic tenants of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test including:


  • Socialization: Training your dog to be comfortable with new, friendly strangers.
  • Grooming and Examination: Training your dog to allow a basic examination in preparation for the veterinarian or groomer.
  • Walking Politely: Training your dog to walk with a loose lead and not tug, pull or engage in other undesirable leash behavior
  • Handling Crowds: Training your dog to walk through a small crowd without anxiety or stress.
  • Recall or Coming When Called: Training your dog to come to you when called.
  • Socialization with Dog: Training your dog to politely meet new dogs.
  • And more! Remember, we’re here to help you build better bonds! 

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