Parker, Colorado Expert Dog Trainer

Like most of Douglas County, Parker is a beautiful place to live. Close enough to the city to enjoy everything it has to offer but also close enough to the foothills and mountains of southern Colorado that they can be enjoyed on a quick day hike with family, friends and of course your dog!

But if your dog lacks basic obedience training, hiking on a leash or off can be a stressful experience. Our Parker professional dog trainers can help.

  • Private Behavior Consultations:  Our head trainer, Lori Holmberg, can work with you in your Parker residence or at our Aurora training space to evaluate canine behavioral problems. Lori will draw on her two decades of experience to identify the cause of the problem and provide a detailed training program. All with continued support via phone, email or in person.
  • Obedience and Manners Training (For Dogs Of All Ages): Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Certainly not us! We can work with you and your canine family members to improve basic manners on leash and off leash. We can also help socialize and train young puppies.

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Great Dog Training Isn’t So Simple

Can you train your dog? Of course! You can also fix your own car and make your own coffee but there’ s a good chance you brought your car into the shop last time you had a problem and you probably purchased a coffee from Starbucks that last time you wanted something sweet, delicious and caffeinated.

So while you can train your own dog there’s no substitute for an expert’s eye or professional’s touch. especially when it comes to significant behavior problems like aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety or fear.

Great dog trainers have spent years perfecting their craft and are constantly learning how to improve. Aurora Family Dog Training is no different: our team is always working to improve and we draw from decades of experience training dogs, cats, primates and other species to help your human and furry family build better bonds.

Dog Parks Of Parker, CO: Our Top Pick

Parker parks, of any type, typically have a beautiful view of the foothills and distant mountain ranges. As a result, just about any park in the Douglas County area could be considered great. So it was more than a little tough to narrow down our choice.

But we had to choose USMC CPL David M. Sonka Dog Park and Disc Golf Course our top pick for dog parks in Parker. Located just south of E-470 the huge park includes an 18 hole disc golf course, an agility course and 5 acres of shaded off-leash area for dogs.

As you could guess from the name, there is also the history behind this park. Named after Corporal David M. Sonka, the park commemorates this brave soldier who gave his life during the war in Afghanistan. Serving with Sonka was his dog Flex, who also lost his life in action. The park is also Parkers first dog park, and we think, the best.