Lone Tree Local Dog Training

Lone Tree has a ton of open spaces perfect for the family dog to run around in. Making up the southernmost part of the metro area, Lone Tree is certainly outside the city which usually means that it’s a great place to be a dog. But if your dog struggles with basic leash manners or commands you’re likely aren’t getting the full Lone Tree experience.

Aurora Family Dog Training is here to help with that.

We have expertise in all aspects of dog training including:

  • Basic obedience training including all basic commands
  • Advanced training for unique tricks or more difficult commands
  • Issues around aggression towards humans or animals
  • Issues around anxiety including separation anxiety
  • Training and socialization for dogs of all ages, including puppies
  • Issues around house training
  • Issues around crate training
  • Problems with adjusting to a new family member, home or pet

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How To Hire A Great Lone Tree Dog Trainer

Just like any time you’re hiring a professional, there are some important questions to ask before getting started. We strongly suggest that you stay away from amatuer or inexperienced dog trainers- regardless of tempting it can be to pay the bargain bin price. But there’s a reason inexperience trainers charge less- they’re inexperienced!

Here are a few questions we suggest asking before hiring a local Lone Tree dog trainer:

How many times have you addressed the problem I’m hiring you to address?

Our Answer: Our head trainer, Lori Holmberg, has worked in the canine behavior field for over 2 decades. As a result, there’s a very good chance that she has worked with the same behavior problem that you’re experiencing.

With that said, every dog and every situation is unique. Lori pulls from her years of experience but does not make too many assumptions about the individual dog and the people behind them.

Where did you learn how to work with dogs?

Our Answer: Lori has been working with dogs since the late 90’s. She started by earning multiple degrees related to animal behavior. You can find out more on our Meet The Trainer page. 

What is your training philosophy?

Our Answer: We focus on positive reinforcement and operant conditioning methods to help your dog understand what is they are supposed to do and not just what we don’t want them to do!

This is just a quick exercise to get you started. You should consider what other questions you have an expect your dog trainer to be able to give you an answer. Ready to work with us? Give us a call today <number>

Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Hike In Lone Tree

Lone Tree is home to beautiful views of the front range mountainside. But one of our favorite places to get some experience and experience Colorado’s natural beauty in one location is the Bluffs Regional Park Trail. Located at 10099 Crooked Stick Trail in the 80124 zip code this beautiful trail is a 2.7-mile loop perfect for your morning jog.

The trail is dog-friendly but your pup must remain on leash.