Looking For A Dog Training Professional In Littleton, CO?

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Littleton is a great place to have a dog! Still in the city, but closer to the mountains than places like Denver, Littleton is only a short drive to great trails and great hikes! But what fun is hiking with a wild, crazy and anxious dog? Probably not much!

But we can help!

Our team at Aurora Family Dog Training can provide training in the privacy of your own home! While Aurora is our home base, we are still able to travel to Littleton and other nearby cities in the metro area. Whether you need help improving your dog’s hiking manner or you need assistance with more significant problems our experienced team is here to help. Our services include:

  • Professional Behavior Consultations: Our head trainer, Lori Holmberg, conducts extensive behavior consultations to diagnose and create behavior programs for a variety of problems. Including separation anxiety and all types of aggression.
  • Puppy Socialization and Training: Puppies need a lot of help with learning about the world around them! From what they can and can’t chew to just figuring out how to use the bathroom outside puppies have a lot to learn! We can help train and socialize your puppy so they can grow up to be a great dog!
  • Manners and Obedience Training: Our team can help train your dog on basic manners and commands. From walking well on the leash to sitting when told our goal to make your canine into an outstanding dog citizen!

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Why Invest In A Littleton Dog Trainer?

Training should be seen as an investment. Not only in your dog but in yourself. While our job is not to turn you into a professional dog trainer, an important of the process is to train you on the basics of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. No, you won’t be an expert by the end of it but you will walk away with a lot more knowledge and know-how than you had before.

Not only can this improve your relationship with your current dog but it can help you build better bonds with future canine friends too.

Additionally, investing in dog training can improve your overall quality of life! Dogs are supposed to be fun! But if you’re dealing with aggression or anxiety issues it’s anything but fun. It’s stressful. Invest in yourself and let us help.

Hiking With Your Dog In Littleton

Littleton much closer to the mountains and foothills than other nearby cities. As a result, there is a long list of great trails and hikes you can take your dog to that are less than a 35-minute drive. In fact, there are several trails that are still within the city limits! Here are two of our favorites:

Meadowlark Trail Loop is a 5.9 mile loop located on W Grizzly Dr in Littleton. It’s part of Jefferson County Open Space but is indeed still within the city limits. It’s less than a 25-minute drive from almost anywhere in Littleton and makes a great Saturday morning hike. The trail is mildly difficult but there is little shade so prepare for a lot of direct sun!

The nearby Plymouth Mountain Trail is also in the Jefferson County Open Space on W Grizzly Drive. This trail is 6.4 miles long and is a bit more difficult. Expect a somewhat longer hike on this trail!