Professional, Local and Trusted Dog Training In Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is one of our favorite places to be! Right next to Chatfield State Park, the city has some of the best views in the metro area. Scenic, sunny and pet-friendly, Highland’s Ranch is a great place for dogs and their people! Unless your dog is still working on basic manners or is struggling with more complicated behavior problems. In which case, walks in the park are anything but just a “walk in the park”.

But at Aurora Family Dog Training, we’re here to help. Whether you have issues with basic obedience like leash walking or listening to commands or something more serious like aggression or anxiety our expert dog trainers can help.

  • One-on-One Behavior Consultations:  Our behavior consultations start with a 90-minute session with our head training, Lori Holmberg, either in your home in Highlands Ranch or at our Aurora training space. Lori will diagnose the problem and created an individual training plan for you and your dog.  Lori will be there every step of the way to help you through the process.
  • Basic Manners, Obedience, and Socialization: While socialization and basic manners are often thought as puppy problems adult dogs are often in dire need of increased socialization and basic training. This is most often something we see in shelter dogs or dogs that are coming from difficult situations. We can work with puppies or adult dogs and of course, all programs are created for the individual family and dog.

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What Makes Great Dog Training?

Great dog training is a lot more than just some initials after your name. It’s more than just being able to train your dog. You have to have the know-how and experience to train every dog. That ability is developed through experience and a focus on the individual dog and family in front of you.

Every dog, family, and situation is different. There is no one size fits all for training!

As a result, great dog training considers the individual dog, the interactions that dog has with the family and the environment the dog lives in. All this information, combined with experience and skill from the dog trainer, creates great outcomes.

Our Favorite Dog Park In Highlands Ranch

Dog parks can sometimes be the ultimate test of training. There are countless distractions: dogs, squirrels, people, children, strange smells, noises and an endless list of new stimuli. Dogs that listen to basic commands in this type of environment are generally ready for anything.

Our favorite parks for this type of testing are the medium sized parks. When a dog park is too large it can be easy for your dog to get too far away and many distractions are close enough to be significant.

When a dog is too small you end up with other issues of space. Dogs are right on top of you and your dog from the very start.

The perfect size the medium dog park that gives your pup enough space to run and play while still allowing you to keep a visual on him or her.

Because of all that, our top Highlands Ranch dog park is Rover’s Run at Redstone Park. Tucked into the much larger Restone Park, Rover’s Run is located at 3280 Redstone Park Circle in the 80129 zip code. The park has an amazing view of the the open Douglas County landscape and deep sand that will quickly wear your dog out.