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Greenwood Village is in the perfect location: close to downtown Denver but far enough away to be a quick drive to the mountains the small city also borders the beautiful Cherry Creek State Park.

And of course, because of this great location, there are endless places to visit and things to do with your dog. But if your dog isn’t well trained or doesn’t listen to basic commands visits to that dog-friendly coffee shop up the street may be more stressful than relaxing.

That’s where the expert canine training from Aurora Family Dog Training can help. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Canine Good Citizen Training, which includes standards set by the AKC
  • Basic Training on commands like sit, stay and come
  • Advanced training and tricks
  • Managing and resolving aggression.
  • Addressing separation anxiety and other sources of anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors like chewing
  • Issues with house training
  • Problems with crate training
  • Puppy socialization and training

Ready to improve the life of you and your canine through better training? We’re here to be your partner in the path to a well-trained dog!

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Why Great Dog Trainers Also Train You!

While a great dog trainer has to be experienced in communicating with dogs and other species, they also have to be great at communicating with people!   

A huge part of what we do as trainers is teach you how to communicate with your dog and avoid reinforcing bad behaviors. Dogs know how to get what they want and one of their most common strategies is to simply bark! Want to go outside? Bark near the door until the human can’t stand it anymore!

But when you give in to this type of behavior what are you telling your dog? You’re telling them loud and clear (pun intended) that all they need to do is bark to get what they want. So as a result, you get more barking!

While it may seem obvious when laid out like that, a big part of our job as professional dog trainers is to identify and address more subtle patterns in your day to day life that are encouraging bad canine behavior.  

The Best Dog Parks Near Greenwood Village  

Greenwood Village is small at less than 15,000 people. As a result, there aren’t actually any dog parks within Greenwood Village but given the central location of the city, there are still plenty of options.

Your best substitute for an off-leash dog park is is the Tommy Davis Park on 9200 E Orchard Rd. While there is no off-leash area there is a great dog walking area along with a playground for the kids.

If you’re looking for an off-leash area, we always recommend the Cherry Creek Off-Leash Dog Area. It doesn’t get much better than the huge 100+ acres of off leash area. Depending on where you’re at in Greenwood Village, the park is likely very close too!