Aurora Family Dog Training Serves Denver, CO and Surrounding Areas!

We can provide private in-home dog training services across Denver and the metro area. We offer the following:

  • Obedience Training: We can teach your dog all the basic commands and basic manner required to be a good canine citizen. We also include some fun tricks too like roll over or sit fancy!
  • Puppy Training: Similar to obedience training, our puppy training programs focus on teaching your young puppy all about the world around them. We focus on basic manners and socialization to make sure your puppy grows up to be a happy and healthy adult dog!
  • Canine Behavior Consultations: Our Behavior Consultations are focused on handling more complicated problems like aggression or anxiety.

We can’t wait to help you build better bonds with your furry friend! 

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Why Hire A Denver Dog Training Professional?

There are many reasons to hire a Denver dog training professional but one of the best is simple- training a dog is a skill that requires expertise. While everyone can train dogs, a professional can greatly help you speed up the process.

While teaching a dog to sit may seem straightforward, handling more complex problems like aggression or anxiety generally requires a professional with training and experience.

Every dog is unique and as a result, every dog needs an individual approach to training. At Aurora Family Dog Training, we understand this 100%!

Our Favorite Denver Dog Parks

Denver is home to 10 awesome dog parks! While the majority of our work happens in the home of our clients, we do occasionally visit the dog parks for specific types of training sessions or just to have fun!

Here are our top two favorite dog parks to visit when we’re working with clients in the Denver area.

Barnum Dog Park is Denver’s newest park and 10th park. Located in the 80204 zip code on north Julian St. between West 4th and 5th Avenue the park is about 3/4th of an acre. Not huge but not small for a city park and it still provides plenty of room for your dog run around and have a great time!

Our second pick is Berkeley Dog Park in 80212. This dog park is a bit larger than Barnum and is one of the few that is grass free. While some people may see this as a negative aspect of the park we love it! We think it really works our dogs as they run around in the loose dirt. Now it does create more of a mess, however.