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Commerce City is a great place to live! Just north of Aurora, the city wraps around the beautiful Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. It’s also a great place to live if you’re a dog! Commerce City is a short drive from all the best metro area dog parks and dog-friendly businesses.

But if your dog has problems with basic obedience or more difficult problems like aggression or anxiety you aren’t able to really enjoy everything that Colorado has to offer.

That’s where Aurora Family Dog Training can help. We serve clients across the metro area, including Commerce City. We can help with:

  • Behavior Modification Consultations: Our head trainer, Lori Holmberg, has seen it all with her 2 decades of experience. From house training issues to aggression, Lori can help diagnose the problem and created a custom behavior modification program.
  • Puppy Training Program: Puppies need a lot of help! They have a lot to learn about the world around them. We can help create a puppy training program that teaches them about their new home and environment and their role in it. We focus on basic manner training and socialization.
  • Canine Manners Training: When your dog doesn’t have basic manners days out with the pup are just less fun. Our trainers can help with the basics like leash manners and important commands.

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Why Positive Reinforcement Training Is Best

Gone are the day of rolled up newspapers and the strategy of “rubbing the dog’s nose in it.” Not only are these techniques and a bit rude, more importantly, they’re also ineffective. Our trainers and most modern dog trainers focus on positive reinforcement instead. This method focuses on encouraging specific behaviors from your dog and helps your dog more quickly understand what it is you want them to do.

While a correction is still needed from time to time the focus is on teaching your dog what they are supposed to do rather than awkwardly trying to show them what they aren’t supposed to do.

Our Top Commerce City Dog Park

Commerce City is a bit of an industrial area. While there are plenty of residents and homes, the industrial nature of the area makes placing dog parks a bit more difficult. Despite that, we think Commerce City has one of the best parks in the state!

First Creek Dog Park

Location: 10100 Havana St

Commerce City, CO 80640

This is one of our favorite parks in all of the metro area. The park is large: about 120 yards long and 100 yards wide. But it isn’t so large that you can completely lose your dog! You can generally maintain a visual on your dog and what’s they’re up to while still giving them plenty of room to run.

One of our favorite features (and one we are seeing more and more of) is a separate space for small dogs and large dogs. While dogs should be able to get along with each other without problems, we think it’s a great idea for them each to have their own space.

But our absolute favorite feature is the addition of actual fire hydrants to the park for dogs that simply can’t help themselves. This final touch shows the care and consideration that was put into creating this excellent dog park!