Colorado Springs DOG TRAINING

Professional Dog Training In Colorado Springs!

As of September 2023 we’ve decided to no longer provide service to Colorado Springs. If you’re interested in dog training classes or private training in that area, we recommend Not A Bully Dog Training which has a location in Colorado Springs. Head trainer Zoie Keast is especially experienced with shelter dogs. 

However, if we have enough demand, we may again offer services to Colorado Springs so please use the contact form or give us a call to let us know if you’re interested and we can adjust accordingly. 

While we are based in Aurora, we previously provided services to Colorado Springs and nearby areas on a weekly basis. 

However, we still provide services across the metro area so if you’re anywhere near Denver we can help! Use the contact form or click to call us today!

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Our team offers comprehensive dog training solutions right at your doorstep throughout Colorado, extending our expertise to our southern neighbors in Colorado Springs as well!

We offer:

Obedience Training:

We engage with your canine companion to enhance their behavior, concentrating on essential commands (such as sit, stay, come, etc.) alongside teaching them some captivating tricks!

Puppy Training:

Puppies are bundles of joy with a steep learning curve ahead of them. Consider this an introductory course to obedience training, enriched with essential socialization practices. It’s crucial for puppies to encounter diverse situations from an early age to mature into well-behaved adult dogs.

Canine Behavior Consultations:

For more intricate and severe behavioral challenges like aggression or anxiety, our professional behavior consultations offer targeted strategies for improvement.

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