Professional Dog Training In Centennial, Colorado!

While we are based in Aurora, we are able to provide in-home training services across Colorado- including our neighbors to the south in Centennial. Our experienced team of dog training professionals can assist with the basics like overall manners or more advanced problems like aggression, anxiety or fear.

  • Obedience Training: We work with your dog and improve overall canine manners. We focus on the basic commands (like sit, stay, come, etc) as well as some more interesting tricks!
  • Puppy Training: We all know that puppies have a lot to learn! This of this like a much more basic obedience training that also includes basic socialization. Puppies need to be exposed to new situations early and often in order to grow up into well-adjusted dogs!
  • Canine Behavior Consultations: Professional behavior consultation is typically focused on a addressing more complicated and more advanced behavior like aggression or anxiety.

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Why Hire An Experienced Centennial Dog Trainer?

Simply put, you get what you pay for. While our team at Aurora Family Dog Training is not cheapest in Centennial, or in Colorado for that matter, we are some of the best. Don’t just look at the price. Most often, it is newer or inexperienced trainers that offering rock-bottom prices. Sometimes this to compete but many times it’s a result of low confidence or low experience.

This often results in the need for more sessions as the trainer is not as efficient as they could be. Our head trainer, Lori Holmberg, on the other hand, has worked as a dog trainer for over two decades. Additionally, Lori has worked with cats, chickens, primates and a long list of other species. She is an experienced trainer to say the least!

Dog Parks In Centennial

One of the first things we noticed about Centennial is that there aren’t actually in dog parks in the area! Centennial is oddly located area that borders many other cities in the metro area. As a result, all the dog parks (at least that we know about) are actually located in cities outside of Centennial- but you probably wouldn’t know it if you didn’t actually check a map!

As a result, we recommend two dog parks based on where you find yourself in Centennial

For the west side of Centennial, we recommend the Chatfield Off-Leash dog area. This 70-acre area of beautiful Colorado landscape is actually located in Littleton but is a short drive from anyone on the west side. Because it is a state park, it will cost you $8 for a day pass.

For the east side of Centennial, we recommend the Cherry Creek Off-Leash Dog area. Located in Aurora this massive park is one of the best in the state! Even better, it will only cost you $2 for a day pass and $20 for an entire year of access. You can’t bet that!